About deeper impressions


Deeper Impressions exists to serve the Church and nonprofit organizations in video production, editing, and content development.

Disfigured by war, disease, poverty, and ecological disasters, the art of film and video production can immerse us in the world as it should be. They help define our lives by opening our hearts and minds to a wide range of human emotions such as doubt, fear, hope, love, forgiveness, freedom, courage, and redemption. And that is where the causes of both church and nonprofit  intersect: They aim for the highest good.

The wonderful, dynamic stories we encounter on the screen are not only for our good, our pleasure--but, for the good of today’s image-based world, and the discipleship of the human Being.

image-based world

Not so fast

Teddy, 2014

Teddy, 2014

Deeper Impressions began the same year that Mark and Debbie Perez adopted their son, Teddy in 2004. At that time making a home video wasn't a business idea, just a desire to tell Teddy's story in the most inspiring way. Edited in iMovie, Mark unveiled his documentary-style video before family and friends during a child dedication ceremony at church, igniting a smoldering fire that would eventually become Deeper Impressions Video.